An ex libris (latin for “from the books of“) is an inscription that identifies the owner of a book, and supposedly prevents others from borrowing it and then conveniently “forgetting” whose book it was.

​Typically, ex libris were bookplates printed in small paper sheets and placed on the inside cover or the front end paper. Nowadays it is far more popular to use a rubber stamp or stickers.

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Bookplates can be generic or custom-made. It is very easy to find samples of ready-made ex libris for which you provide your name and you get a generic rubber stamp, but if you want something truly unique it is best to order an ex libris that only you will have.

I’ve been designing ex libris stamps for more than 15 years now and I’ve done all kinds of design: calligraphic ex libris with just the owner’s name, stamps for shops, simple portraits of the child who owns the library, family mottos, comic characters, etc.

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