I offer the following visual art products:

  • Mural painting (Amsterdam and surroundings)
  • Illustrations (digital download or paper prints)
  • Book stamps (digital download, paper stickers, or rubber and wood)
  • Cake toppers (worldwide shipping)

For any requests, please use the contact form.

How long does it take to complete a mural?
It all depends on the surface and detail, so it can take anything from a couple of hours for a small design, to a few of days if it’s a full wall. My prices are for completed project, so I calculate the time beforehand, and if it takes longer it shouldn’t be a problem. Extra time is only an issue if I am not able to paint due to external causes – your wall is not ready, there’s no access to the wall, etc.
Can you use my own design for a book stamp or ex libris sticker?
Of course! You can have a vague idea of what you want, or a very precise description – in any case I always work with preliminar drafts, so you can see exactly how the stamp design is going to be, before it’s carved in rubber or printed as stickers.
Ex Libris (bookstamps) are normally based on a reference to the library owner, and includes his or her name; but of course everything can be adjusted to your idea. You can see some examples of bookstamps on the Gallery section.
How long does it take to get my wedding cake topper?

It depends on the amount of ongoing projects I have, but normally I need a couple of weeks plus shipping to get the cake topper delivered to you. Please bear in mind that shipping time depends on many external factors, so if you are on a tight deadline, you might want to consider express delivery to ensure it arrives on time for your special day.

What techniques do you use for your illustrations?
I have used all sorts of medium: watercolor, gouache, digital, collage, pencil, etc. I’m at my most comfortable with traditional techniques – ink, pencil and watercolor (you can see some examples on my Behance portfolio and on my Instagram page). But I also can paint with oil, pastel, etc.
For murals, I use acrylic paint and a water-based protection coat. Murals in any other type of paint would need to be discussed beforehand for a correct quotation (for instance, oil painting takes longer to dry).